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Cunningham Lindsey/Don Guin Scholarship Awarded

Don Guin Scholarship 2012
Scholarship recipient Taylor Smith (left) and Vale President, Jon McCreath

Jon McCreath, President of Vale Training Solutions, awarded the Cunningham Lindsey/Don Guin Scholarship at the 37th Annual University of Georgia’s School of Risk Management and Insurance Invitational Insurance Management Seminar.

Each year since 1976, The University of Georgia has sponsored an Invitational Insurance Management Seminar to provide an opportunity for off-the-record discussion among risk management and insurance industry leaders. The seminar features informal discussion on selected topics suggested in advance by the participants. Top University of Georgia students introduce many of the topics to be discussed, with the discussion focused primarily on property-liability insurance and risk management issues. The unique approach offered by this event was recognized in 1996 by the American Risk and Insurance Association, which awarded the seminar its Strickler Award for Instructional Innovation.

The seminar provides a relaxed atmosphere for sharing ideas on numerous issues affecting the risk and insurance industry. In addition, they provide an opportunity for the development of friendships among top executives and University of Georgia students and faculty. The seminars also serve to strengthen the risk and insurance industry of the future by encouraging higher education in this discipline and by helping develop better future industry leaders. Seminar attendance is limited to approximately 40 industry executives. The mix of risk management, insurance brokerage, and insurance company participants makes the seminar particularly unique. In addition to the industry representatives, all Risk and Insurance faculty and some of the top students majoring in Risk Management and Insurance attended the seminar.

This year’s recipient of the Cunningham Lindsey/Don Guin Scholarship is Taylor Smith, who will be graduating in December 2012 with a BBA in Risk Management & Insurance. During the summer of 2012, Taylor was a claims intern for Marriott Hotels, where he was involved in investigating hotel guest claims. Taylor also served as a sales intern with Allstate this fall. Taylor is a Hope Scholarship recipient, as well as a Gamma Iota Sigma scholarship recipient in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. Taylor also is a member of the University of Georgia Insurance Society. Congratulations to Taylor!

The Cunningham Lindsey/Don Guin Scholarship is an endowed scholarship that has been awarded the past 16 years at the University of Georgia’s Invitational Insurance Management Seminar. Many of you will remember Don Guin, who served as EVP Chief Legal Officer for Cunningham Lindsey for a number of years. Don obtained his Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate degrees at the University of Georgia, and is now enjoying his retirement in Tyler, TX.

Jon McCreath, GRP
Vale Training Solutions